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Dating long distance beginning

Dating long distance beginning

In hindsight, there are definitely some things I wish I had fully understood before starting a long-distance relationship. And yet somehow, in spite of all of the rational reasons we could both think of that made starting a relationship after two weeks of dating a horrendously bad idea, we beginning decided that I would visit him in Berlin in a couple of months and we would figure it out then.

Chances are you're going to be lonely, you're going to meet other people who you might have had something with were you not in a LDR, and you're probably going to get in a few fights — but if both dating long distance are willing to put in the effort to nurture the connection and can hold on long enough then you could be in for one of the biggest pay-offs ever.

According to a study from Ohio University, a third of long-distance relationship end after three months of being reunited in the same city.

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How To Step Into a Long Distance Relationship

relationship tip #1: Use this time to get to know them well. slow, especially if you haven't met.