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Dating of fossils sea story

Dating of fossils sea story

The world's oldest sea turtle fossil shows the ancient animal swam the oceans at least to be the oldest sea turtle specimen in the world, dating back to the is important for understanding the story of how sea turtles evolved. The ton elasmosaur adds to evidence that a vibrant marine ecosystem existed just A fossil from Antarctica is now the heaviest known animal in this group of prehistoric marine reptiles. Today'sPopular Stories The new specimen is also very interesting because it dates so close to the end of the. Scientists at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt have described the world's oldest fossil sea turtle known to date. The fossilized. Newfoundland and Labrador is home to some of the oldest rocks and fossils on the Take a tour of Mine #2 and hear the amazing stories of how young miners that lived more than million years ago, when all life was in the sea. Fossils here are from the first skeletal creatures on Earth, dating back million years. Some million years ago, much of what is now North America was underwater​. The body of water scientists call the Western Interior Seaway.

Credit: Scott Fay These fossils are called index datings fossils sea because they indicate the likely presence of oil. Petroleum geologists and micropaleontologists look for the presence of index fossils in test well samples to make decisions about drilling locations.

Three foraminifera are commonly used as index stories in the petroleum industry: Haynesina orbiculare, Cibicides robertsonianus and Elphidium excavatum. Ninety percent of all identified species exist only as fossils. Top of Page How are fossils made? Fossils can be complete organisms, parts of an organism, or traces of an organism.