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Elon musk twitter dating bezos

Elon musk twitter dating bezos

The tweet was in response to a story about Amazon's plans to launch thousands of satellites, bringing high-speed internet to remote parts of the world.

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Elon Musk tweeted on Tuesday night about Amazon's plans to launch 3, satellites into orbit with the intention of bringing high-speed internet to the globe's more remote regions.​ Musk tweeted under MIT Tech Report's story about Project Kuiper, tagging Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and. Replying to @elonmusk @techreview @JeffBezos. Internet satellite pioneer dudes: May I address the panel please? Can we build something. Congrats to Jeff Bezos and the BO team for achieving VTOL on their booster. 4:​24 AM, 24 Nov 1, Retweets; 2, Likes; Fake President Real Traitor.