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Dating mauchline ware

Dating mauchline ware

The wood generally used for the production of Mauchline dating mauchline ware is sycamore, which has a very close grain and a pleasing colour. Mauchline ware decorated with photographic prints started appearing in the mids.

Other decorative styles were Tartan, fern and lacquer black lacquer ware appears to be linked to the death of Prince Albert in It marked the end of production and the site is now occupied by a fire station.

Mauchline Ware McPherson Tartan Playing Card Box


An article about Scottish mauchline ware. The precise date of the first transfer wares isn't known, but they companies manufactured them from the early s. Collecting Mauchline ware featuring Hatfield or Hatfield-related themes or Later transfer prints were used – although the exact date of their introduction is not. mauchline, mauchlineware, tartan, tartanware, fern, fernware, transfer, transfer ware, black lacquer, black lacquer ware, photographic ware, collectors' clubs. Aug 26,, Explore mosslady's board "Mauchline Ware", followed by A rare and unusual antique money box carved as a turret and dating from.