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Dating opposite sign

Dating opposite sign

OPPOSITE SIGNS, Cancer & Capricorn, Hannah's Elsewhere

When Astrological Opposites Attract: Can It Work?

In case you don't know the. This Is How You Know If Dating Your Opposite Is Really Going To Work double for when your zodiac sign is the complete opposite of the cancer you're dating.

Luckily, for those who are still holding out for the perfect odd-couple romance, there is one realm in which opposites certainly do attract. A dating opposite sign astrological compatibility theory holds that opposite signs ones that are directly across from each other on the Wheel of the Zodiac often make great couples, thanks to their differences, rather than in spite of them. Viewed with the signs' ruling elements in mind, only two types of pairs are represented: sign and water, and fire and air.

And yet, how those differences actually affect the signs' behavior makes for a rather complementary relationship. Take Capricorn and Cancer, for example — a serious, hardworking earth sign and an intuitive, nurturing water sign. These signs differ most clearly in how they express their emotions. To be clear, a Gemini dating a Sagittarius, for example, will not face the exact same challenges as someone dating a person who flat-out disagrees with them about politics or pop culture.