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Tom hiddleston dating younger

Tom hiddleston dating younger

Tom Hiddleston LokiTom Hiddleston DatingTom Hiddleston GirlfriendTom Hiddleston InterviewThomas William HiddlestonLoki Fan ArtRichard Armitage‚ÄčChris. Tom Hiddleston has given a hint about what it is really like dating Taylor Swift after the couple's whirlwind romance captured the attention of.

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Watch Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Grab Steaks On Nashville Date

The narrator of this is Tom chuckled, but lifted his one wineglass to bump mine. When comfortable, I looked back at Tom and raised my eyebrows. We tom hiddleston dating younger friends with hazy boundaries as far as my parents knew, I had a friend named Tom, and that was alland we knew that was paparazzi bait.

So when Tom sighed and responded to my raised eyebrows with only a troubled, thoughtful look, I reached off the sofa and grabbed his hand and toward me. As if reflexively, Tom started playing with my hair: untangling knots and looping it around his finger gently.